A short introduction
My name is Luongo Salvatore, 28 years old, born in Brazil but with an Italian citizenship. I live in a small town near Naples in Southern Italy. I’m an open minded person with a cheery and positive attitude that is always willing to put in some effort to reach certain goals.

My expectations in Serbia
My expectations were pretty high when I came here and since then I’ve been involved with different activities with FoSDI and RRA. So far, I got the chance to look at some of the ongoing projects and I can only say that I’m eager to collaborate with both organizations.
Up to now, we’ve been involved in some conferences with some foreign delegations from Kyrgyzstan. We visited waste disposal sites like the Duboko landfill while taking vision of the future plans for its expansion and analyzing how the collection of waste has been going since its implementation. We created and held a presentation about the importance of educational and volunteering opportunities inside and outside of Serbia (throughout projects like INTERREG and Erasmus+) for the bright students of the College of Applied Sciences in Uzice.
I can say that, given these experiences and the many opportunities waiting us ahead, my expectations are still high as well as my motivation.
What are my motivations and past experiences
My motivation for coming here stem from the past experiences I had. The nature of the project I’m in is an environmental one but it also encompasses other themes such as supporting cooperation between Serbia and its neighboring countries, unity among the diversed groups of people living here, supporting the development of our area of operations, which would be Uzice.

Such themes are very similar to some of the past experiences I had. I’ve been involved in environmental activities with local organizations in my area in Italy. I’ve taken part in a National Civil Service project in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria) between 2017 and 2018, during which I conducted activities of a similar nature (promoting and supporting coexistence between the Bulgarian community and the Roma community, organizing cultural, environmental and educational events and presentations, promoting educational and career opportunities for young Bulgarians and supporting networking between the local NGOs in the Blagoevgrad area). On top of that, during that year I’ve also come to love the Balkans and the people there, which was also a strong incentive for me to take part in this project.
I’ve also an experience travelling and volunteering outside of Europe. I was a volunteer in Japan for a NGO that helped hikikomori (people who decided to estrange themselves from society out of trauma, distrust or other psychological issues) in the Minami-Gyoutoku area near Tokyo.
In short, I think I’ ve brought with me a suitcase full of unique but very useful experiences that, along my education in Political Sciences, will be a strong asset for the organizations I’ll be working with.