fosdi debata

New time. Someone said that after the COVID-19 virus pandemic, nothing will be the same as before. 
In order to maintain the "working temperature" and intellectual condition, and using the advantages of online communication, FOSDI has established the exchange of knowledge and views through a ubiquitous online platform and realized a series of panel debates called FOSDI DEBATES.

The first debate, HUMAN AND SOCIAL IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY, was held on April 10 th in cooperation with CEE Gender Network – Central European Network for Gender Equality and with the participation of associates from the region, Europe as and some countries outside the European continent. Introductory speeches by Daša Šašić Šilović, Dr.Dragana Broz and Judge Solveig Cogliani helped to develop the debate in important directions and to open the chapters imposed by the state of emergency – this time on a global level. Threats to personal safety and security, caused by the corona virus and pandemic, are, the discussion showed, numerous, some completely new, and all of them directly affect personal safety, make the feeling of great insecurity and exposure to fatal danger. 

The second debate was dedicated to the topic of violence in the family and in society during the declared state of emergency, SOCIAL AND FAMILY VIOLENCE DURING THE STATE OF EMERGENCY. Speakers were Rada Kapetanovic, MA, from Croatia, Dr. Zorica Mršević from Serbia and Professor Cincia Albanezi from Italy. Disturbing data on the drastic increase in violence in the community and in the family were presented by the keynote speakers and stimulated a debate on the ways and legislative framework for preventing violence. The question remains how it is possible at the time of the declared state, at the time of the corona virus pandemic, at the time when you are forced to stay at home, to get used to each other… so how is it possible to live together without various forms of violence, not only physical
and the one with the lethal outcome? 

The third debate, COVID 19 – NEW VIEWS ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS was dedicated to
preserving the environment and the effects of the pandemic on both nature and human nature.
Marta Bonifart Sigeti from Hungary, Sonja Kovac from Croatia and Jonat Jordacescu from
Romania spoke about the activities of the green movement, about the green economy, about
the response of the local community to the tasks and challenges that nature sets before

• You can find the most important parts of the presentation and comments on the YouTube channel FOSDI DEBATES.