masked stories

13th March 2020, the day our quarantine started.

It was surreal: in Italy the situation was tragic, Serbia was slowly starting to react to Covid-19, we had to rush our departure from Bosnia and Herzegovina to go back to Užice before the authorities shut down the borders and we found ourselves locked up in our apartment. We didn't know how long the quarantine would last, but we knew it wasn't going to be short. We reacted to our isolation pretty well. We were working from home, started with daily workouts, we cooked Italian, Bulgarian and Serbian traditional dishes, we read, watched movies, looked at the city from 
our balcony and we talked. A lot. That was our fortune: we had company. Not just any kind of company, but we were eager to do something, together, to fill our days with meaning. We couldn't stand the „sit and wait“ situation. After few weeks, this fortune gave us purpose. We thought it could have been interesting to know how our friends around the world were coping with the pandemic, how the situation was developing in different countries, in different hemispheres, from their personal perspective. So, why not share all this information with everyone? Well, maybe with the ones who could be interested in it… That was it: Masked Stories was born on our balcony, with a couple of beers and a YouTube channel. We started shooting short videos and posting pictures of our quarantine life. It took all of our time at first and we were so happy about it! We can easily say that Masked Stories saved our quarantine. It gave us purpose, energy and spirit to go through a very stressful moment, it got us closer and we literally learnt how to share every moment, every thought, every decision. Right now, at the end of our Serbian experience, we are slowly getting back to our usual lives and we are not posting videos and pictures anymore. Still, if you want to check our Masked Stories out, you can visit our YouTube channel and our FB and Instagram pages. 

Tsvetomira Minkova
Cristiana Sartore
Elisa Verde
Photo credits: @masked stories