Today the Uzice team attended a presentation conducted by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG for short) presenting its many activities aimed at promoting and supporting development of local SME and collaborating with many organizations and associations in the areas they’re based in.

It was a very informative experience that presented us with some great examples of how properly supporting SME can go a long way in spreading its positive effects in the whole areas where the support is provided.

The organization has been active since 2005 and has multiple offices in 7 different areas, all of them involved with multiple regions at the same time, with its main HQ based in Skopje (Macedonia).
SWG’s office here in Uzice is the office for the “Drina-Tara Region” and has been involved in numerous activities in support and promotion of Tourism, SME, Local Traditions and Gastronomy and Environment.

About activities related to the environment, some relevant activities are those that allowed many farmers to adopt more eco-sustainable methods of managing their crops through the implementation of more eco-friendly means and machineries, as well as other activities aimed at promoting other energy production methods (such as solar panels) that have been introduced in some establishments (restaurants and hotels).

Important also are the actions aimed at preserving local traditions not only because of this purpose which is extremely important in and of itself for the locals but also because it crosses over the larger mission of promoting tourism in the region. So far, actions of such nature have been supporting and creating Gastronomic events that promotes local products (like, dairy products, wines, rakija, fruits, honey, meat, etc.), supporting local events like the International children’s folklore dance festival ”Licider heart” and supporting local authors by aiding them in having their literary works published.

Specifically for the Tourism, SWG is involved in supporting many touristic establishments such as Restaurants, Hotels, Hostels, Camps and Ethno Villages, publishing guides and pamphlets aimed at promoting various areas in the region, routes for bike lovers and hiking enthusiasts as well as tours and event related to tourism. SWG has always been involved in promoting Adrenaline Tourism, it helped in creating a new Adrenaline Park on the Bosnian side of the Drina River, supported local groups from Mountaineering to Rafting and Hunting.

I could talk much more about its activities and the positive effects that, throughout the years, the organization has had in the area but all I want to add is that we of the Uzice team are looking forward to collaborating with the Drina-Tara Office of SWG. We are indeed looking forward in supporting them in their activities and maybe even cooperating in creating and managing some projects.

Indeed, today was a very exciting day that presented new opportunities for us to support the wonderful community of the city of Uzice and of the Zlatibor Region.