Zdravo! I am Chiara Silvestri and I am 28 years old. I am currently volunteering in Serbia for the Italian Peace Civil Corps, but at the same time I am coordinating (for free!) a project I set up in Italy about raising awareness on sexism, sexualisation in mass media, gender-based violence and gender equality.

Hi, My name is Tsvetomira. All my life people in Bulgaria were calling me Tsve or Tsveti… and than I started travelling… Maybe some of you do not realize to what extent travelling (and especially living abroad) changes you.

I like to define myself a curious person in training: I constantly feel the need of moving, exploring, creating new connections. Throughout the years my eagerness to discover new things led me to live in, and travel to different places…

I have been asked many times in the last two years why I volunteer, what is the scope that moves me and pushes me to go abroad for a long period. Sometimes it is hard for my friends at home to understand why I am doing this, especially why I am not looking for a “real” job in my home country, in order to have more stability and to be close to them and to my family.

I arrived here just at the beginning of a not so cold typical Belgradese November. Unfortunately climate change is having effects also here probably. It was everything unexpected for me as I was selected for another project that wasn’t launched and I was contacted in the last minutes about this opportunity in Belgrade.

The way that led me to this new country began few years ago. When I finished my studies I opened my own business for bicycle rental and tours around Livorno (my home town). This was an amazing but also a really hard-working experience. This work repaid me with great satisfaction, but it was consuming all my energy. Luckily, I’m not a tree, so I decided to move on and find an inspiration abroad.

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