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We had,  a long time ago, almost 20 years ago, a very general, somewhat vague idea of what we actually wanted to do. But then, as now, we had a very clear, unmistakable assessment of what we would definitely have to do: to unite, organize, gather, activate around one idea, that of a free and open society that is adorned with solidarity, justice, equality, welfare. Being aware of the sad end of every ideology that has been wiped out by plastic substitutes, virtual heroes, transparent values, we do not give up the right to our own beliefs.

Aware of the sad end of every ideology that has been wiped out by plastic substitutes, virtual heroes, transparent values, we do not give up the right to our own beliefs.

Without neglecting the importance of ideas , we rely on organized action, constant and persistent work, without large fireworks, balloons and sprinklers. This does not mean that our activism is devoid of joy. On the contrary. We are united and open for further association. We weave networks of like-minded people. We also get into the cars that others lead, better, with more knowledge… we learn some new steps, occasionally we show them some old ones, ours… like the legendary ones: two forward, one back… And we move.

We do not forget
that we took an oath before the rule of knowledge, culture… developed society. Advanced.
The Social and Democratic Initiative Fund is an organization of strong and authentic individual values. Hence this quote, to remind us all:

“I am only one,
But still I am one.
I can’t do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.”

Edward Everett

“I am one,
but, nevertheless, I am someone.”
I can’t do everything,
but I can do something.
And because I can’t do everything,
I won’t refuse to do the one thing I can.”

Edward Everett

Welcome to the website of the Fund for Social and Democratic Initiatives (FOSDI) from Belgrade, Serbia. FoSDI is a non-profit civil society organization, founded in August 2000. The founders were prominent activists of the civil sector, as well as prominent members of the academic community (Prof. Dr. Ratko Božović, Prof. Dr. Čedomir Čupić, Prof. Dr. Zorica Tomić, Dragana Petrović, Prof. Dr. Bora Kuzmanović, Nataša Milojević) and media workers (Srđan Stojanović, Miloš Vasić, Igor Stević). FoSDI is known as a training center and for many activists it is, popularly speaking, a second home. FoSDI is a resource center for many initiatives: the implementation of projects whose main goal is the improvement of democracy, social development and the building of institutional capacities. Its main focus is on issues of discrimination, especially against discrimination against women,

FoSDI conducts research, advises and contributes to the creation of policies, implements projects and public campaigns. The current president of FoSDI is Nataša Milojević, political scientist and sociologist of culture, communications expert, former member of Parliament of Serbia and founder of several organizations related to civil sector activities. As a member of parliament, she was the “focal point” of the World Bank Institute, active in the development of the SSS project and the founder of the Committee for Poverty Reduction, in May 2003. Mrs. Milojević is also known as a film producer, project manager, and an expert in socially relevant and political campaigns.

FoSDI has collaborated with many international, regional and local organizations, institutions and state bodies in over 30 projects. Some of them are:

2000 – the project was implemented with the support of the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, in cooperation with local NGOs and political activists: the goal of the project was to support the local community of Prokuplje.

2000-2005 – realizes seminars and summer schools in cooperation with the Jean-Jaures Foundation on the topic of contemporary political organization, networking, campaigns and PR activities, negotiation skills, electoral procedures and democracy, local self-government, the position of women and the labor market.

2001 – Panels and campaigns in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade and Transparency International, “How to fight corruption”, with the participation of TU Nezavisnost and Otpor.

2002 – International panel: Challenges and opportunities for a social and democratic society with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in cooperation with the trade union Nezavisnost; published as a supplement in the daily newspaper Danas.

2001-2005 – Forum Democraticum – Camp for political education, summer schools, in cooperation with the Open Society Fund (Soros Fund) with the support of the OSCE Mission in Serbia, NDI, the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade and SCG Ministry for Human and Minority Rights.

2002-2004 – Three political and public awareness campaigns, in collaboration with the Westminster Foundation.

2004-2006 – a series of trainings for women, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, on participation in political life and decision-making, election campaigns, public speaking and networking.

2005-2007 – in cooperation with the Council for Gender Equality of the Government of Serbia, FoSDI members prepared and implemented 3 public awareness campaigns and participated in several smaller projects and regular work of the Council.

2007-2009 – four panels and 2 documentaries On the position of women on the labor market: the brochure was published in the daily newspaper Danas, and the project was realized in cooperation with trade unions, chambers of commerce and local self-governments, as well as with the support of UNDP and the Mission OSCE in Serbia.

2010 – Regional Panel on the position of women from ex-YU- “30 years later” in cooperation with the 25 May Museum, and the participation of eminent women from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

2011 – A project called The Different Face of Serbia, which was realized in cooperation with the Serbian LSE Alumni Association and which presented alternative culture, art and science from Serbia in London, at the London School of Economics, from October 5-14. The project was supported by Erste Bank and the company Dunav osiguranje.

2012 – Women’s entrepreneurship: programs implemented by FOSDI in cooperation with the Gender Task Force (Croatia) and other partner organizations. As part of the program, a project was implemented, which for the first time is supported by a Serbian company, DUNAV osiguranje, dedicated to strengthening women’s entrepreneurship in Serbia. The program included participation in the formation of the Council for Women’s Entrepreneurship in Serbia and involved the cooperation of numerous organizations, companies, entrepreneurs, and institutions.

2013 – WOMEN IN UNIFORM – the beginning of a multi-year program dedicated to the implementation of Resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council and strengthening the position of women in the defense and security forces. The program continues today with the support of NATO PDD, the Ministry of Defense of the RS and in cooperation with the Network for Gender Equality of Southeast Europe.

2013 – 2016 – WOMEN, ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT, program supported by the Regional Center for the Environment, FOSDI developed a curriculum on the project cycle on this topic and held numerous trainings for CSOs and local self-government.

2014 – Programs dedicated to the development of the Serbian diaspora and the promotion of the culture of the Serbian national minority in the region: ARISTOFAN IN DNOPOLJE, TO BE ME IN THE WHITE WORLD.

In the same year, a large international conference of WOMEN IN UNIFORM was held – and awards were given for the contribution to the development and implementation of the NAP for R1325.

2015 – celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of work! Working and parade.

2016 -2020 – Programs dedicated to the implementation of the NAP for R1325

2016 – ARISTOPHANES IN DNOPOLJE, a documentary film at film festivals in the region and in Europe

2017 – SCHOOL FOR GIRLS OF JELENA OF ANZHOU – the role of women in medieval Serbia, lectures, exhibitions and presentations in Paris, Rome, Belgrade

2018 – the creative journey continues: concerts, screenings, photo exhibitions, exhibitions of ethnic creativity of women from Lika

2019 – BLUES CARAVAN – with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade, concert, panel, promotion of equality in the music industry

2019 – CIRCULATION – circular economy and ecological entrepreneurship in the local community, a program supported by funds from the competition of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the RS

2020 – Programs on the occasion of 20 years of R1325 UNSC (and 20 years of FOSDI)

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