Human security during the state of emergency

HUMAN SECURITY IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY, (Human Security in a State of Emergency) is a project dedicated to human and personal security during the state of emergency and the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, with special reference to the role of the security forces and the health sector of the RS and the institutional response to this a specific challenge, a threat to human health and security, which has not been recorded in the 21st century (so far) and with particular reference to the role and status of women, both in the security forces and in other spheres of public action. Guided by UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and the Action Plan of the RS for the implementation of the resolution, Women, peace, security, we will especially deal with the strategy: prevention, participation, protection and recovery and NAP 2017-2020 . We talk to experts, doctors, health workers, members of the Ministry of Defense who are directly responsible and who were involved in the implementation of measures and activities for the purpose of preventing and protecting the population from corona infection, representatives of the academic sector, citizens and activists, journalists, people of all generations. We are looking for answers to the questions: did the corona cause fear for your personal safety or did you calmly and rationally accept precautionary and protective measures? How much trust do you have in institutions? Who do you trust when looking for information about the corona? What is your professional experience? What has the corona permanently changed? Do you think we are living a “new normal?” How to solve cases of domestic violence in times of isolation and state of emergency? Do we have enough experience to meet the next waves of the epidemic in a more prepared, organized, smarter? What are the consequences of the pandemic on society and social life as a whole?
The activities of the project are:
1) Three panel discussions with local actors and representatives of local self-governments, (especially those municipalities and cities where the number of people infected with the corona virus was relatively large) 2) A final
conference that will summarize the experiences and offer some recommendations and solutions and
3) Screening of the documentary titled WOMEN, COVID, SECURITY on TV stations and online platforms.

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