I’m Elisa

Author: Elisa

Hello everyone,
I’m Elisa, and at the moment I am spending one year with the Peace Civil Corps in Serbia.
The way that led me to this new country began few years ago. When I finished my studies I opened my own business for bicycle rental and tours around Livorno (my home town). This was an amazing but also a really hard-working experience. This work repaid me with great satisfaction, but it was consuming all my energy. Luckily, I’m not a tree, so I decided to move on and find an inspiration abroad.
I went to India, where I have lived in Kundapura – small village in a rural area in Karnataka region. There I worked with a local NGO on a project about sustainable agriculture. During my stay I was hosted by a local family.
After that I decided to take part in the Italian Civil Service project in Tanzania. The goal of my volunteering service was to ensure financial support for students in Tanzania with scholarships from families abroad. That was a very emotional experience that I will always remember – a year full of adventures, friendships, and knowledge.
The next long-term volunteering for me took place in Brussels, where I worked in a refugee center.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to live those experiences, because they brightened my perspective on different issues and helped me to improve myself.
Let’s go back to the present. I have been living in Serbia for a month now, a country that was not much known to me. I have found a land with a beautiful nature, friendly people, and cities full of cultural life, nice aesthetics and delicious dishes.
My project takes place in Uzice a small city in Western Serbia, surrounded by mountains. I live with four other volunteers from Italy and Bulgaria. We are working in the office of RDA (Regional Development Agency), where we were welcomed by a warm and very competent people.
Since our arrival we have been informed about the various projects carried out by the agency, we have been involved in information meetings on how garbage disposal is structured in the region, and we have held a presentation about our volunteering experiences.
I’m sure that next months will be full of opportunities to learn more about Serbian culture, to improve my competences and skills, and of course to enjoy the life in Serbia.

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