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New time. Someone said that after the COVID-19 virus pandemic, nothing will be the same as before..

FOSDI, in order to maintain the “working temperature” and intellectual condition, and using the benefits of online communication, established an exchange of knowledge and views through a ubiquitous online platform and realized a series of panel debates called FOSDI DEBATES

The first debate, HUMAN AND SOCIAL IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY, was held on April 10 th in cooperation with CEE Gender Network – Central European Network for Gender Equality and with the participation of associates from the region, Europe as and some countries outside the European continent. Introductory speeches by Daša Šašić Šilović, Dr.Dragana Broz and Judge Solveig Cogliani helped to develop the debate in important directions and to open the chapters 
imposed by the state of emergency – this time on a global level. Threats to personal safety and security, caused by the corona virus and pandemic, are, the discussion showed, numerous, some completely new, and all of them directly affect personal safety, make the feeling of great insecurity and exposure to fatal danger.


Our statement:
We had, some 20 years ago, a very clear, unmistakable assessment of what we should definitely do: to unite, organize, gather, activate around one idea, the one of a free and open society adorned with solidarity, justice, equality, well-being, knowledge. Aware of the sad end of every ideology that has been erased by plastic substitutes, virtual heroes, transparent values, we do not give up the right to our own belief. Not neglecting the importance of ideas, we rely on organized action, on constant and persistent work, without big fireworks, balloons and sprinklers. This does not mean that our activism is devoid of joy. On the contrary. We are united and open to further association. We weave webs of like-minded people. We also get into the car that others are driving, better, with more knowledge, and we learn some new steps, occasionally show them some old ones, ours… as the legendary politician wrote: two steps forward, one back… And we move. We do not forget that we have taken the oath before the rule of knowledge, culture and a developed society. Advanced. The Fund for Social and Democratic Initiative is an organization of strong and authentic
individual values. Hence this quote, to remind us all:

“I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.“
Edward Everett

We are the 10 volunteers for FOSDI – 9 Italians, 1 Bulgarian, 7 girls, 3 boys, 5 in Uzice and 5 in Belgrade. The Uzice group is working in the facilities of Regional Development agency for Zlatibor region, as the Belgrade group is in the office of FOSDI. We are here thanks to the project Corpi Civili di Pace – a Peace Civil Corps initiative, created to support peaceful conflict resolution and financed by the Italian government.

Hi, My name is Tsvetomira. All my live people in Bulgaria was calling me Tsve or Tsveti… and than I started travelling…
Maybe some of you don’t realize to what extend travelling (and especially living abroad) changes you.
I have never been abroad until I was 23, except for 3 days on organized bus trip to Greece. And then I went on a project for young journalists from my university in Indonesia for 3 weeks, all by myself.

I like to define myself a curious person in training: I constantly feel the need of moving, exploring, creating new connections. Throughout the years my eagerness to discover new things led me to live in, and travel to different places…but when I think of how this need started, I cannot point exactly to a specific moment or an event.